Douglas Moran Construction, Inc. provides complete home remodeling, home renovation and home improvement services. Our services include new state-of-the-art energy efficient vinyl replacement window installation and upgrading the insulation in your home. We incorporate today's standards constructing Green Build and Energy Star rated homes into all our remodels. This assures you an updated and energy efficient home that performs to today's standards of reduced heating and cooling costs. Another service we can offer is to provide you a safe and accessible home for all ages and abilities. The fact is as we age most of us want to continue living in a familiar enviroment throughout your maturing years. According to AARP, older homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to "age in place" which means living in your home safely, indepedently and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level. This includes zero-step entry ways, wider doors and wheelchair friendly bathrooms.

Also one thing that sets us apart from the normal remodel experience is that we take "extreme" measures to seperate the consruction zone from the living conditions, especially if clients are living in the home during construction. We address the dust and smell issues of construction and try to make that so dreaded experience to be as comfortable and as easy a transition as possible, we can't take the inconvenience completely away, but we do every effort as possible to make remodeling a little more palitable. I personally at the end of each day secure the property and ensure all areas are clean and presentable to our clients and also manage all work each day from start to completion of each project "hands on".


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